Connecticut Unclaimed Property

The state of Connecticut pays out over $2 million of Connecticut unclaimed property every month. Some of the property or money could be yours. Follow these simple steps to find your money.

Tutorial on Finding Your Connecticut Unclaimed Money

  1. Once on the website of the Officer of Connecticut State Treasurer you'll find some information field boxes to be filled out. Your last name or the last name of the person you are looking for is required. The first name is optional but encouraged to help narrow the results. If you know the property ID you can search using that as well.
  2. After clicking "search" it will come back with a list of names matching the name you entered with addresses next to them. Find the address that you lived at at one time and if you think it is the record you are looking for click the check box to select that record. You may select more than one record at a time. At the bottom of the page is a button that says "claim properties." There are two other options you have which are to reset the selections or start a new search.
  3. You are then to fill out some field boxes all of which are mandatory to complete. These include full name, address, email address, and phone number. Click "submit claim" at the bottom.
  4. A claim form will then be available to print off with the information on it that you entered in the fields (A printer is required). Make sure you sign the printed off form and review the "Required Documentation" section to know if there is any other paperwork that is needed to include to complete your claim.
  5. Mail the sign claim form for your property and any other documents needed to:

State of Connecticut

Office of the State Treasurer

P.O. Box 5065

Hartford, CT 06102

Connecticut Unclaimed Property