Idaho Unclaimed Property

With almost $57 million of Idaho unclaimed property available, it's easy to find your money. We'll walk you through the steps to claiming you money through the tutorial below.

Tutorial on Finding Your Idaho Unclaimed Money

  1. Once on the Idaho State Treasurer's Office home page click on the link in the middle that says "Search Now."
  2. Enter your last name or your business name and your first name, which is optional but suggested to help narrow your search.
  3. You'll then find a list of names matching the one you entered and cities of residence with the possible amount of the claim. Find the claim matching yours and any other that may be yours. You can select multiple claims at the same time. Then click "Claim Property" at the bottom.
  4. At the top is the claim or multiple claims and their ID number. Be sure to write down or save the number to aide you in checking the status of your claim in the future. There is then claimant information to be filled out which includes relationship to the owner of the claim, full name, SS#, address, phone number, and email address which is optional but recommended to help hasten the processing of your claim. Hit "Submit Claim" at the bottom your page.
  5. If you entered an email address then directions will be sent to you by email. If you didn't then directions and a claim form will be sent.
  6. When Filling out the claim information on the form that will be sent to you make sure all the required information is included. The form must be signed and must also include a copy of your government issued photo ID. Mail the completed form for your money and all necessary information to:

Unclaimed Property

P.O. Box 83720

Boise, Idaho 83720-9101

Idaho Unclaimed Property