Iowa Unclaimed Money

Millions of dollars of Iowa unclaimed money are turned over to the state to be returned to its rightful owner. We will walk you through the process of claiming you money.

Tutorial on Finding Your Iowa Unclaimed Money

  1. This link will take you to a page called The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt. This is the site maintained by the state of Iowa to help you find your money. You'll find an information field box to be filled. Enter your first and last name and click "Search" at the bottom.
  2. A list of names matching the one you entered will then be returned. Find your name next to an address that you recognize as one you lived at or currently do. Check as many of the claims as you believe to be yours and when satisfied you've found all your money click the button "view property details."
  3. You'll find out how much each reported claim is for and the reporting company or organization. You can search again if its not yours or click the button at the bottom to create the claim form.
  4. You'll then have to fill out some information in the field boxes some of which is required. Enter your name, address, and an email though it is not required. It is recommended to help with communication about your claim. You must also specify your relationship to the owner of the money. "Owner" if its yourself. Hit "Next: Print Claim Form" to print.
  5. You will need Adobe Reader for the next step. Adobe Reader is a free application that you must install on your computer to print off the document and you can download it here. Once Adobe Reader is installed there is a link that says "Click here to print your claim form."
  6. A new window will open in your browser and the form with the information that you entered will be available to print. There is also instructions in what you need to include with the signed form. Some of the other documents needed to prove ownership are a copy of your government issued ID, a copy of a document verifying your SS#, and a copy of a document verifying that you lived at the address in the claim. This can includes W-2, pay stub, bank statement, expired driver’s license, stock certificate, college transcript, report card, marriage certificate, divorce decree, birth certificate, or an original (not a copy) of a postmarked envelope addressed to you. If the claim is for over $200 then the claim form must be notarized by a notary public to receive your Iowa unclaimed money.
  7. Mail the signed and completed claim form and all the other necessary documents to prove ownership of the property to:

Michael L. Fitzgerald

Great Iowa Treasure Hunt

Lucas State Office Building

321 E. 12th St.

1st Floor

Des Moines, IA 50319

Iowa Unclaimed Money