Kansas Unclaimed Property

Following these steps will make it easy for you to find your Kansas unclaimed property. Kansas wants to reunite you with your money so find out how to make your claim here. It's absolutely free so it's worth your time.

Tutorial on Finding Your Kansas Unclaimed Property

  1. Clicking here will take you to the Kansas State Treasurer website where you can search for your unclaimed money. In the middle of the page is an information field box where you enter your last name. Your first name is optional but recommended to help narrow your search. There is also an option to do an advanced search which will allow you to enter other names that could be your (i.e. maiden name, alternate first name) as well as city, county, or last known state. Click "Search for Properties."
  2. A list of names and addresses is then returned. Only 25 properties to be claimed will be listed per page. If there are more than that you'll have to click the "next" button at the top of the properties list.
  3. When you find the property that could be yours click "Put in Request Folder" below the property to be claimed. If you have more than one property to claim you can also claim it by clicking the same "Put in Request Folder."
  4. Once you are satisfied that you have found all of your properties you'll find a button on the bottom of the page that says "Get Claim Forms."
  5. You'll then be required to register for an online account for the Kansas State Treasurer. All information is protected. Registering helps prove ownership of the property and also helps you track the claim after it has been submitted.

Helpful Search Hints

  • Make sure you check with every state in which you have lived (unclaimed property is generally turned over to the state of your last known address as reflected on the records of the business holding your money, stock, etc.).
  • Do not assume that the business has your last known address, in which case the property is supposed to be sent to the state of incorporation of the business. Many times the state of incorporation is Delaware, New Jersey, New York or California, even though the business might be located in Kansas.
  • If you are a woman and you have been married, or if you are simply checking out family names, make sure to check under maiden names.

Kansas Unclaimed Property