Kentucky Unclaimed Property

There's a fund of Kentucky unclaimed property held in the Kentucky State Treasury that you can make a claim on. To see if you are owed money by the state following this short tutorial. This unclaimed property can include personal assets such as abandoned savings and checking accounts, non-cashed checks, and travelers' checks to name a few.

Tutorial on Finding Kentucky Unclaimed Money

There are a couple ways that you can search for your property. The first, easiest, and recommended way is through a website called is endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Click here to go to a tutorial on navigating

The second is through the Kentucky State Treasury website which you can get to from here.

Once there you'll find a information field box that you can enter your last name and/or first name. If you enter both names be sure to enter the last name followed by the first name. Clicking "Search" will return a list of names and the addresses they lived in when the property was lost.

If there are more than 25 results returned then you advance through the pages at the bottom of the list. Click "2" will take you to the next 25 results.

If you find what you believe your property you can call the toll free number 1-800-465-4722. They will then send you a claim form to fill out and send back in to:

Kentucky State Treasury

Unclaimed Property Division

1050 US 127 South, Suite 100

Frankfort, KY 40601

Once again, going to is an easier and quicker way to make a claim on your money. Either way the State Treasury warns that it will be a minimum wait of 12 weeks to process the claim. That is why it is suggest to use to receive your money sooner.

Kentucky Unclaimed Property