Mississippi Unclaimed Property

Follow these steps to claim your Mississippi unclaimed property. We've gone through the steps and made it as easy as possible for you to claim the money that is owed to you. Mississippi maintains a list of names of people that has property or money to be claimed. See if your name is on the list.

Tutorial on Finding Your Mississippi Unclaimed Property

  1. The first page that you'll see is the Office of the Mississippi State Treasurer page. Toward the top of the page you'll see a box that you can enter info into. Type in your last name only. It won't return anything if you type in more than one name.
  2. That search will then bring back a list of names. Find yours with an address that you lived at or currently live at. If you find yourself you'll know you are due to receive either less than or more than $100 and you'll know that you're not wasting your time. One thing that you'll have to note is the property id number associated with the unclaimed property. If you are having trouble distinguishing what information goes with what property then take your cursor to the top of the list, click, and drag down highlighting the list of information. This will show the information in a grid making it easier to separate what info goes with what claim.
  3. To claim the money that you've found that's yours you will need to print off this form. If you need Adobe Reader then click here to download it.
  4. At the top of the form you will write down the property id number that you recorded earlier. You will also record your current address as well as the address that is associated with the unclaimed property.
  5. You must record your Social Security number and a number that you can be reached at most of the time during the day. This is because the department that works on processing these unclaimed property requests work only during the day on business days so you won't be getting a call at night.
  6. If your name is different from the name on the unclaimed property then there is an area to demonstrate why. The second page is a checklist that you should go over depending on your relationship to the owner of the unclaimed property.
  7. Two things that MUST be included are a copy of your driver's license or state issued id and a copy of your Social Security card. Also this form MUST be notarized before sending it in.
  8. Send your completed and notarized form along with all the necessary items to:

Mississippi Treasury

Unclaimed Property Division

P.O. Box 138

Jackson, MS 39205

For more information call the Mississippi unclaimed property division at: (601) 359-3534.

Mississippi Unclaimed Property