Pennsylvania Unclaimed Property

There's a chance that there is Pennsylvania unclaimed property that you didn't know you had. All states hold unclaimed property and money for it's residents hoping to get it back in their hands. It's free to search and it's free to claim. We've gone through all the steps for you so let us walk you through the process to get your money in your hand as quickly as possible.

Tutorial on Finding Your Pennsylvania Unclaimed Property

  1. Clicking here will bring you to the page where we start our search. On the right side of the page where it says, "Search for Property" you enter your last name and first name though the first name is optional.
  2. Clicking "Submit" will bring back a list of names and some rows may be different colors. Green rows show properties where you must contact the office to determine eligibility. White rows show single owner property records, click on those that you are entitled to claim. Gray rows show joint owner property records, click on those that you are entitled to claim.
  3. If your claim is in a green row you must call the Pennsylvania Treasury Department, Bureau of Unclaimed Property, at 1-800-222-2046 and reference the property ID number.
  4. You can select multiple single owner properties but only one multiple owner properties to claim at a time. Select all the single owner properties by checking the box and click "Request Claim Form" at the bottom of the page.
  5. You'll see all the properties that you claimed and will have to fill in your information. Once you're finished filling out the information click "Generate Claim Form to Print" at the bottom.
  6. The next page is the form that you can print. Printing is usually done within the web browser by clicking on the "File" menu then "Print."

These steps are important to read to make sure you are including all the necessary documents with the form and all the necessary information on the form to be sure you can receive your Pennsylvania unclaimed property as soon as possible.

  • Complete and sign the owner claim form.
  • Submit a copy of either your driver's license or your signed social security card. Please do not submit the original card.
  • Submit the original property that is listed in Box F. If the property is lost or otherwise unavailable, you must submit the attached Affidavit and Indemnification agreement after you have it signed in the presence of a notary public. PLEASE NOTE: If your claim is valued under $100, please submit a completed and signed Affidavit and Indemnification agreement and Treasury will waive the required notarization provided you submit a copy of either your driver's license or your signed social security card.
  • If your name is different from the name listed in Box A of the attached claim form, provide us with proof of your name change. Such proof could be a marriage license, for example, or a form called Election to Retake a Prior Name.
  • If there are multiple names listed in Box A of the attached claim form, each person named must complete these steps. If any person named is deceased, you must provide an original death certificate for that person.
  • If there is an address listed in Box B of the attached claim form, you must provide proof that you resided or did business at that address.
  • If you are a legal representative of the owner(i.e., attorney, have power of attorney, trustee, guardianship) you may claim property by submitting an original agreement or power of attorney, provided compensation, if any, is for a fixed fee or hourly rate, and not contingent upon the value of the unclaimed property.

Send the completed and notarized form with the required documents to:

Bureau of Unclaimed Property

P.O. Box 1837

Harrisburg, PA 17105-1837

Call 1 (800) 222-2046 for more information.

Pennsylvania Unclaimed Property