State of Illinois Unclaimed Property

Finding your State of Illinois unclaimed property is easy and free. Many people don't know that they have money that has gone unclaimed. The state of Illinois actively seeks to get your money back in your hands. Follow these steps to find your money and make a claim.

Tutorial on Finding State of Illinois Unclaimed Property

  1. Clicking here will take you to Illinois State Treasure's page. Once there you'll find some information fields to be filled out. Last name is required but first name and city is not. They are recommended to help narrow your search. Click "Search Properties" below that.
  2. That will return a list of names that you can search by scrolling. Find your name with an address that you have lived at in the past. It shows the amount of the claim at the right as well. You can make a claim for more than one at a time by clicking the checkbox of each you believe to be yours.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the page to find three buttons. One of which says "Claim Properties." Click on it if you believe you have claimed all that you want to.
  4. Now you have two options. The first and recommended option is registering with the site by making a username and password for the purpose of returning to the site and checking on the claim status. You are not required to register, though, if you don't plan on checking the status of the claim online later.
  5. There are some information fields that must be filled out which include full name, address, and SS#. Email address is optional but recommended if you didn't register a username. You also have to make clear if you are the owner of the property or are claim.
  6. If you have access to a printer then print the form off to complete and send it in. If you don't have access to a printer you can also have them send a form for you to complete and sign and send back. The form would be mailed to the address that you entered in the fields above.
  7. The printed form must notarized before sending it. To claim your money mail the claim form and any other documentation to help you prove your claim to:

Dan Rutherford

Illinois State Treasurer

Unclaimed Property Division

P.O. Box 19495

Springfield, IL 62794-9495

State of Illinois Unclaimed Property