Find Your Unclaimed Funds by State will help you find your unclaimed funds by state and following these steps will make that process easy. is endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators and several participating state governments.'s searches are safe and secure have the most updated information that will aid you in finding your unclaimed funds by state. It should be noted that not all states participate with to help you find your money. To find money from the states that don't participate follow the links on this site to each individual state's Unclaimed Property Division page. There are also tutorials on the best way to find your money at each state.

Tutorial on Navigating

  1. Click this link to take you to and will allow you to find your unclaimed funds by state. Once there you'll see an information field box at the top of the page. Enter your last name in the required box. Your first name is optional but recommended. The state that you live in or lived in during the time your property became missing is also required information. Enter the state abbreviation. See the list below to know your state's abbreviation.
  2. Clicking "Go" at the right will return a list of unclaimed properties and info including address and state. It may return other states besides the one you entered but with names that match.
  3. If you find property that may be yours click on the name. It will then show you the information of the claim and the state that it is held at. You will also be asked four questions to help you make sure that it is your unclaimed property. If you answer "Yes" to all those questions then click the button "Yes I can Claim." You also have the opportunity to email the person that can claim the property if you are unable to.
  4. If you can claim it then the information about the unclaimed property will be displayed along with instructions of what you need to do next. Many of the states require you to then fill out forms on their own website. If that is the case then follow the link on the left side of this page to the state holding your property for a step-by-step walkthrough of that state's requirements for a claim. Finding you unclaimed funds by state is easy.

State Abbreviations

Alabama, AL

Alaska, AK

Arizona, AZ

Arkansas, AR

California, CA

Colorado, CO

Connecticut, CT

Delaware, DE

Florida, FL

Georgia, GA

Hawaii, HI

Idaho, ID

Illinois, IL

Indiana, IN

Iowa, IA

Kansas, KS

Kentucky, KY

Louisiana, LA

Maine, ME

Maryland, MD

Massachusetts, MA

Michigan, MI

Minnesota, MN

Mississippi, MS

Missouri, MO

Montana, MT

Nebraska, NE

Nevada, NV

New Hampshire, NH

New Jersey, NJ

New Mexico, NM

New York, NY

North Carolina, NC

North Dakota, ND

Ohio, OH

Oklahoma, OK

Oregon, OR

Pennsylvania, PA

Rhode Island, RI

South Carolina, SC

South Dakota, SD

Tennessee, TN

Texas, TX

Utah, UT

Vermont, VT

Virginia, VA

Washington, WA

West Virginia, WV

Wisconsin, WI

Wyoming, WY