Wisconsin Unclaimed Property

We will walk you through the steps to finding your Wisconsin unclaimed property. Some sites make you pay to find your money but you don't have to. All the information is free and it's also free to claim your own money. Why would you pay someone to find your money. You shouldn't, let let us help you find your money free of charge.

Tutorial on Finding Your Wisconsin Unclaimed Property

  1. Click here to go to the page where you will begin your search. It's here where you enter your last name and/or first name and city. Then click "Search."
  2. There will then be a list of ten names per page returned. Locate yours by address. Be sure to scan all the pages to make sure you claim all your money. Advance to the next page by clicking "Next 10" or "Previous 10" at the bottom. You want to be thorough in locating all of your money.
  3. If you find a property that could be yours then click the button on the left that says, "Add to My Claim." This will add it to a list of properties that you can fill out a form to claim all at once.
  4. When you are satisfied you've found all of your property click the link that says "Create My Claim Form Now." The next page will show you the properties again that you will claim. You have the choice to remove some now. You also have to specify your relationship to the owner of the property and if it is you, you select "Reported Owner." Click "Continue" to advance.
  5. The next step is to fill out your information. All of the info is required except for your social security number and your date of birth.
  6. Next you will have the option to print off the form yourself and send it in, which of course, would be much faster. If, however, you don't have access to a printer they will send you the form with all the information already on it.
  7. If you can print it, you will have to download on the next page. Please note the reference number of your claim so that you can check the status at a later time.
  8. The form then must be signed, notarized, and must include other documents that are listed on the form to help prove your right to the claim in question. Send the form and all the other documents to:

Office of State Treasurer

P.O. Box 2114

Madison, WI 53701-2114

Wisconsin Unclaimed Property